Attention Men:
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Best Part? It Works Whether You’re Average Looking (or Below), Broke, or Even Completely Out-of-Shape! Simply Use The Secret You’re About to Discover in This Letter to Make Beautiful Women  ATTRACTED to You… GUARANTEED.

And “YES” - it’ll work on a woman you’ve just recently met, OR your long-term Girlfriend, Fiancee or Wife...
From the Desk of Dating Coach Troy Valance
London, England

You’re about to discover how to attract practically ANY woman in ANY environment. Using a simple “2-Part Attraction Secret” that most men will never know...

The first part of this “Attraction Secret” involves STOPPING a “Daily Habit” that’s KILLING your ability to attract women.

I'm dead serious.

This seemingly innocent “Daily Habit” is absolutely destroying your chances with the kind of women you dream of having. Don’t leave this page until you find out what it is so you can fix it immediately.
The unfortunate thing is:
99.9% of men perform this Attraction Killing Habit on “Auto-Pilot”...

...6 or 7 days a week (sometimes TWICE a day)...

...without even realizing how harmful it is to their “Sex-Life.”

The second part of the “Attraction Secret” you’ll discover in this letter is exactly what to do instead… so you can UNLEASH the kind of Raw Hidden “Animal Magnetism” and Rock-Solid Confidence women cannot resist, even if they wanted to...

...helping you Trigger Lust and Sexual Frenzy in even the most Drop-Dead Beautiful Women.

So, if you want to eliminate the frustration, the rejection, the confusion, the loneliness and have complete control over your sex and dating life…

Read on carefully.

The same goes if you’d like to fire up your CONFIDENCE, kick your Self-Esteem into gear…

...and experience more attraction…

...more stimulating conversations…

...more exciting dates…

...deeper emotional connections…

...and infinitely more bed-shaking, SCREAM-THE-HOUSE-DOWN Sex…

Give this letter your full attention because it’ll be the most important thing you’ve ever read...
Nature’s Secret “Attraction Chemicals”...

...and How Most Men Destroy Theirs Every Single Day - Making Themselves Much Less Attractive to Women…

When it comes to attraction, dating, and relationships…

Life isn’t fair…

So it’s not your fault if you fail to enjoy the SUCCESS you want with women.

I mean, think about it…

Some men are blessed with “Model Good Looks” - turning female heads everywhere they go (without trying)...

Some men are built like Greek Adonis’s - which is highly appealing to women (because a man with a well-built, muscular, and lean physique makes a woman feel SAFE and HORNY, and subconsciously tells her that the guy is a protector, healthy, virile and good ‘mating material’)...

Other men are incredibly rich (which never hurts a man’s chances in “The Dating Game”)...

And, some men are very well-endowed - which means they’ll never have to be LONELY (because there’s always going to be a woman who wants to try ‘a big one’).

Of course, some men have MORE THAN ONE of these attributes. I guess you could say these guys hit “The Attraction Jackpot.”

And yet…

Most men have NONE of these attributes...

Most men aren’t good-looking, well-built, or rich.

Few have a “Donkey Dick.”

Yet, here’s the thing…

There’s another part of the “Attraction Puzzle” that’s much more important than your looks, physique, bank balance, or package size.

And “NO”...

I’m not talking about being interesting, funny, or confident (though those things can certainly help your chances with women too).

What I’m talking about are Nature’s Secret “Attraction Chemicals”...

...chemicals your body naturally produces that can literally ‘make or break’ your chances with women, without you even realizing it (and regardless of how many of the other “Desirable Male Attributes” listed above you do or don’t have).


You should be. Because what follows can totally transform your prospects with women - possibly helping you go from “Zero to Hero.”

Now, pay attention, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know to gain a massive “Unfair Advantage” in the Dating Game…

Even if you’re just an average guy who’s never had much success with women…

Even if you’re unfortunate enough to be short, broke, fat, or 'aesthetically challenged.'

Here goes:

Pheromones Elevate Your “Attraction Status” More Powerfully Than Anything Else - Making Women Desperate to Spend Time with You…

I need to ask you 2 simple questions:
  • Have you ever seen a ridiculously HOT woman, dating (or married) to a guy who appears physically INFERIOR to her in every way?
  • Have you ever found yourself confused because you were attracted to a woman who wasn’t your usual type, and you just couldn’t work out why you ‘had the hots’ for her?
These two scenarios are IMPORTANT.
They happen often.

And they show Nature’s Secret “Attraction Chemicals” working perfectly.

Can you guess what Nature’s Secret “Attraction Chemicals” are?

I’ll tell you…
Nature’s Secret Attraction Chemicals are:


Pheromones are the “Attraction Chemicals” or “Invisible Come-Ons” that are secreted from the “sweat” glands - undetectable odors that bring men and women together sexually.
Unlike being good-looking, having an incredible physique, or being filthy rich…
High-quality pheromones ATTRACT women on a deep, subconscious level.

And this, at least in part, explains why:
  • You sometimes see VERY HOT WOMEN dating, or married, to guys who seem INFERIOR to them (because she’s attracted to the guy’s Pheromones)
  • You’ve probably sometimes found yourself attracted to a woman who’s not your ‘usual type’ - because you found HER pheromones highly attractive (of course, the reverse can also be true: a woman may be highly attracted to YOU, even though you’re not her ‘usual type,’ because she finds your Pheromones highly attractive)
Here’s a Key Point to keep in mind about Pheromones:

Women CAN resist good looks, an incredible physique, or a guy with a fat wallet. None of those things GUARANTEES a woman will fall at your feet (though they may help).


Women CANNOT resist the allure of healthy, powerful Pheromones!

I repeat:

>> Women CANNOT resist the allure of healthy, powerful Pheromones!

Now, what this really means is this:

If you can find a way to IMPROVE the QUALITY of your Pheromones - you can become way more attractive to women. Even women you might typically consider “out of your league.”
The Good News is:
You can improve the quality of your Pheromones. And, we’ll talk more about that in a minute.

First, let’s discuss:

‘Sciencey Stuff’ that Proves The Power of Pheromones - and Shows Why Some Men Have an “Unfair Advantage” in The Dating Game…

Once most men get to about age 35, the amount of Pheromones they produce starts to naturally decline (making them LESS attractive to women - be it women they’ve just met in a bar or nightclub, or their long-term girlfriend or wife).
This DECLINE in Pheromones has been proven in countless Published Studies.

In fact, Psychiatrists and Researchers from Harvard completed a study on men who wore pheromones, with fragrance or topical treatment, and found the men who applied the pheromones were more ATTRACTIVE to women afterwards.

And there's more...

Pheromones have also been known to be able to alter human moods. Studies show that women are more relaxed around men who produce androstadiene, a hormone that comes from testosterone. They’re also usually more ATTRACTED and willing to flirt with men who produce this Pheromone.
A Study on Mice Shows The Power of Pheromones:
The Journal of Nature Neuroscience found female mice, when exposed to the smell of dominant alpha mice, underwent a form of neurological change after only two days.
After being exposed to these dominant mice, the brains of the female mice were rewired only to respond to the alpha mice. They didn't respond to the beta mice or any of the other mice. They essentially attached themselves to the dominant mice and would only mate with them.

Why Should You Care?

Because it works exactly the same with humans.


Women react much the same way after being exposed to the scent of Alpha Males. They become only interested in spending time, and mating with Alpha Men.

Need More Proof?

Here you go…
Studies using Pheromones at the University of Chicago showed that men who used topical pheromones had a 52% improvement in starting conversations with women, and an even better rate of improvement in staying engaged in conversation.

That’s a BIG improvement. 52% is huge.

So, you might think all this sounds really interesting. And, you might be wondering how you can IMPROVE the quality of your Pheromones - and make yourself A LOT more attractive to women?

Well, to understand HOW to improve your Pheromones, you first have to understand:

Your #1 Attraction Problem and How to Fix it (it’s Not What You Think)...

Your #1 Attraction problem isn’t the fact that:
  • You're Broke
  • ​You're not confident
  • You're not ridiculously good looking, or well-built
  • You're not Hung like a Horse
No, no, no…

Your #1 Attraction Problem is that you’re almost certainly DESTROYING your Pheromones on a daily basis, without even realizing it!

Read carefully...
Most men do A LOT of things that completely obscure, or DESTROY their natural pheromones…
...ruining their sexual attraction.

Eating a bad diet certainly contributes to the problem.

For instance, if you consume too much alcohol, refined sugar, soy, trans fats and so on, that’ll all have a negative effect on your Pheromones.

However, there’s something you’re likely doing on a DAILY BASIS, that’s even worse for your Pheromones than consuming a bad diet:


“YES” - showering.

Why is Showering a Problem?

Well, having a shower, or a soak in the bath, is obviously a good thing. It keeps you clean.
However, the problem is the Scented Soaps, Bath Wash and Shower Gels 99.9% of men use while they’re in the bath or shower!

These Scented Soaps or Shower Gels literally WASH AWAY your precious Pheromones - and then plaster you in fake fragrances that make it even more difficult for your body to release what little natural pheromones you have left.

The result?

You 'smell' less attractive to women. WAY LESS.

Sure, you might smell nice (in a pretentious, emasculated, toxic kind of way). But women aren't really attracted to men who smell like daisies, lavender, tree bark, strawberries or any of the other common fragrances in conventional soaps! 

They’re attracted to men who smell like MEN who are healthy, and producing naturally high quality pheromones!
What am I suggesting?

That you don’t bathe and live like a Caveman?

Of course not!

I’m just suggesting you change your soap or shower gel for something that enhances your natural pheromones instead of literally destroying them, and then washing them down the drain!

Now you understand.

Yet there's more... 
After Nearly 3 Years of Research & Development:
I’ve Formulated Something Special for You…

An “Attraction Advantage” that’ll Dramatically Improve The Quality of Your Dating and Sex-Life, Starting The Very First Time You Use it…

Several years ago I launched “Secret Seduction Spray.” Arguably the most Powerful Pheromone Spray available on the market.
To date, 67,873 men have used Secret Seduction Spray to:
  • Feel more Confident around women
  • Find “The One” and live happily ever after
  • “Play the Field” and enjoy the Sex-Life of a Playboy
  • Reignite the spark with their wives (or long-term girlfriends) and enjoy a much more active sex-life
And yet…
Despite the continued - and seemingly never-ending - success of Secret Seduction Spray…

Something was still bothering me.

You see, guys buy Secret Seduction Spray… apply it before interacting with women... and enjoy a lot more Attraction, Dates and Sex as a result.

And, that’s great.

The problem though, is the fact that most of these guys are still showering (or bathing) using PHEROMONE-BLOCKING Soaps and Shower Gels that MASK and RUIN their Natural Pheromone Production.

So, think about it this way…
  • Most guys are unintentionally making themselves LESS attractive to women by washing away their Natural Pheromones in the shower
  • In effect, these guys are then using Secret Seduction Spray to REPLACE some of the Pheromones they ‘lost’ in the shower
Now, that’s okay.
However, it’s not OPTIMAL.

For the man who wants to be as attractive to women as possible - and enjoy the very best dates, relationships and sex-life - surely a much better approach would be to:
  • STOP washing away and masking your Natural Pheromones in the shower (or bath)
  • Use a safe, healthy shower gel to preserve your natural pheromones while you bathe (and give you a powerful douse of additional pheromones)
  • Apply Secret Seduction Spray after showering (to further enhance your Pheromones and Attraction Level)
This thought process led me to 3 years of Research and Development before my team of Researchers and Scientists finally PERFECTED:

Secret Seduction Shower Gel.

And boy does it work!

Instead of stepping out of the shower smelling emasculated with beta-male scents like Tropical Fruit, a Springtime Meadow, or a bunch of Fresh Flowers (having unknowingly washed away your Pheromones)…

Now you can step out of the shower smelling like a MAN…

Safe in the knowledge that Secret Seduction Shower Gel:
  • Has NOT washed away your Natural Pheromones
  • Has enhanced your attraction level by endowing you with MORE Pheromones - the ones contained within the safe, natural gel
Simple. Yet highly effective.
It means you literally step out of the shower more ATTRACTIVE than when you went in!

Imagine how CONFIDENT you’ll feel stepping out of the shower, infused with healthy, strong and powerful Pheromones that women simply cannot resist, just before you:
  • Go on a Date
  • Go to Bed with your girlfriend (or wife)
  • Go to a place where you know you can meet hot women (be it a coffee shop, the park, a bar or nightclub, the gym and so on)
You’ll have every right to look and feel SMUG when you’ve showered using Secret Seduction Shower Gel. Because you’ll have given yourself an “Unfair Advantage” that’s going to make you irresistible to women…
Triggering WETNESS in their PANTIES. And UNCONTROLLABLE desire to have SEX with you - simply because you’re endowed with high quality pheromones.



But, just remember the old saying:

“All’s fair in LOVE and War”

What Makes  Secret Seduction Shower Gel So Powerful?

Secret Seduction Shower Gel contains the same 7 powerful Pheromones in Secret Seduction Spray AS WELL as a compound called Androstenone.
Androstenone stimulates an area of the brain that's responsible for sex hormones in women.

So, when you use Secret Seduction Shower Gel instead of your usual soap or shower gel, you are covering yourself in a Natural Pheromone (Androstenone) that makes you way more attractive to women.

Could be the Vicar's Daughter...

Could be some impossibly fit Yoga Bunny you got talking to at the gym…

Could be your wife...

I don’t really care!

Because the result will be the same…

When you use Secret Seduction Shower Gel you’ll preserve your existing pheromones and enhance them with Androstenone…

And then, whoever the next woman is that you interact with - she’ll be way more into you…

...way more attracted to you…

...way more wanting to GET SEXUAL with you (yet she’ll have no idea why).

And like I said earlier, Secret Seduction Shower Gel also contains the same Pheromones that are contained in Secret Seduction Spray…

The biggest difference is that I made the packaging even more discreet, at the request of my customers. So, the Shower Gel comes in a very sleek black tube, and only says “SSS” on the front, making NO reference to pheromones - so no-one who sees it will know what it is (it simply looks like uber-high end Shower Gel).

The Ultimate Confidence Booster?

The Pheromones in this powerful, one-of-a-kind shower gel will boost your confidence too (not just your ability to attract red-hot women).
You see, a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science revealed an experiment where they got women to watch videos of men. These men were divided into two groups: group 1 wore no fragrance at all and group 2 wore a pheromone-infused fragrance.

The women were then asked to rate the men on a scale of attractiveness and they found that the men who wore the fragrance with the pheromones came across on video as much more attractive than the men who didn't wear any fragrance at all.


When you use Secret Seduction Shower Gel - you’re going to feel supremely CONFIDENT afterwards. And, women are attracted to confident men like Bees are to Honey… making you even more ATTRACTIVE.

It’s Easy to Use too...

  • Wet your body
  • Lather yourself with Secret Seduction Shower Gel (which will take 60 seconds at the most), then leave it on your body for about 5 minutes, to allow the Pheromones to seep into your pores
  • Rinse and dry off
Not exactly rocket science is it?
Yet, as soon as you step out of the shower, your newly supercharged pheromones will have instantly made you more ATTRACTIVE.

But don’t just take my word for it...

Take a look at some:

Testimonials from Some of My Best Customers
(who were the first to try Secret Seduction Shower Gel as soon as it was ready)...

A Real Confidence Booster…
 “Using the shower gel is a real confidence booster. The first time I used it in the shower, instead of my normal soap, I didn’t really know what to expect. And, to be honest, I was expecting too much. However, I then went out to a couple of bars with some of my friends, and I definitely got more female attention than usual. Since then, I’ve been using it daily, and the effect is the same with my female colleagues in the office. The receptionist, Sara, who is very hot, never used to give me the time of day, but now she’s all keen to talk, and keeps dropping hints suggesting she wants me to take her out.”
- Scott, 33, England
The Mrs Couldn’t Get Enough of It…
 “Haha, this is funny man. Who’d have thought a shower gel could be ‘the key’ to rekindling your sex-life with your Mrs. But, in my case, that’s exactly what happened. Troy sent me a tube of the Shower Gel to try, and 10 minutes after using it I was BALLS DEEP in her for the first time in a couple weeks. And, we ended up having sex more times in that weekend than we’d had in the previous month. Thanks Troy! Can’t see myself stopping using this anytime soon!”
- Dave, 39, England
2 Girls Started Talking to Me in a Bar…
 “The combination of using Secret Seduction Shower Gel when you shower, and then the Spray afterwards is incredible. I’m an average height guy. Ok looking I suppose. But, I’ve always lacked confidence with women, and dating has often felt like a struggle. Even a source of confusion. So, when Troy threw me a lifeline and suggested I test his new shower gel, I was only too delighted to give it a try. Same night, I go out for dinner, and drinks, with some co-workers. At one point I’m at the bar and 2 gorgeous girls started talking to me - one commenting on how MANLY I smelled. And, all night, the women I work with were more interested in me - having conversations, being touchy feely and so on. So, does this shower gel work? Yup, I guess it does.”
- Alex, 29, England
My Girlfriend Was All Over Me, All Night…
“BOOM!!! Showered using the gel. Got out, towelled off. Girlfriend meets me in the bedroom. She says: “Mmmmm, you smell nice babe.” Drops to her knees, starts blowing me, horny as hell. We kept at it all night. Troy, you’re a BOSS, this sh*t works! Guys, try it!”
- Randy, 38, USA
Definitely Works…
“A shower gel that can make you more attractive? Hmmm, sounds unlikely. I was skeptical to say the least. But, more fool me for doubting my buddy Troy Valance. All I can say is: whenever I use this shower gel my Wife is way more into me. Way more sexual. It’s crazy. And if I apply the Spray after using the Shower Gel, the effect is even greater. She can’t get enough of me, even after 20+ years of marriage.”
- Derek, 49, England
I Thought I Was Past My Prime - Thankfully I Was Wrong…
“You know how it is, I’ve been married for 36 years, and although I really love my wife, our sex-life has been stale for a long time. We’ve tried all kinds of different things to ‘spice it up’ but nothing works, not in the long-run anyway. I figured I was just ‘past my prime’ - because neither my wife, nor any other woman seemed interested in me anymore. However, I seem to have been wrong about that, because I’m now just about done with the first tube of Secret Seduction Shower Gel that Troy sent me. And, the effects have been remarkably consistent every time I use it… the wife is more into me, and we’re having regular sex. Which is great! Plus, as an added confidence boost (and great way to ‘perk up the days at work’), other women - many of them half my age - seem quite keen to talk to me (despite never showing any interest in the past). This shower gel clearly works. I just hope Troy keeps selling it and never runs out.
- Bob, 60, USA
Living it LARGE…
“Do I recommend this shower gel? FUCK YEAH! I’ve always been okay with women, but it’s always felt like I’ve been chasing them and having to do all the hard work. Well, NOT ANYMORE! This shower gel does EXACTLY what Troy promises - every time you clean yourself using it, afterwards you feel confident, like a Rock-Star. It gets me talking to women everywhere I go (especially if I use Secret Seduction Spray as well, after I’ve showered). As a result, I’m going on dates all the time. I must have had more sex in the past few months than I’ve had in the past 5 or 6 years!”
- Chris, 35, USA
Just imagine what Secret Seduction Shower Gel could do for you!

What’s it Going to Cost?

When I originally planned to launch Secret Seduction Shower Gel, I ordered enough ingredients to make a run of 1000 bottles.
However, there was some miss-communication during the manufacturing process, and instead of filling 150ml bottles…

My team accidentally filled 250ml bottles.

So instead of 1000 bottles, I now only have less than 600 bottles.

What does this mean for you?

Well, you get 3 huge benefits to buying Secret Seduction Shower Gel right now, today:

First, you get the special discounted launch price of $67 (normally the shower gel will be $97, just like Secret Seduction Spray - same pheromones, same price).

Second, you get 250ml instead of 150ml (that’s a massive 66.67% EXTRA for FREE!)

Third, you get a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee - allowing you to give this incredible Attraction-Boosting Shower Gel a try with NO RISK.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

$67 for Shower Gel is a STEAL when it contains the same powerful Pheromone as Secret Seduction Spray.

And, you’re right…

That’s why the price will go up when it’s officially launched.

So yes, $67 is an absolute bargain. Especially when you keep in mind the FACT that: when it comes to soaps and shower gels - cheap will WASH AWAY your precious Pheromones, making you much less attractive to women.

And, consider this…

What else could you possibly do, for $67, or $667, or even $6,667 that would so dramatically INCREASE your ATTRACTION Level?

There’s nothing else that even comes close…

Books on dating and relationships and sex are mostly a waste of time. Most are written by ‘fake experts’ and are full of THEORY (as opposed to stuff that really works).

How about Pick-Up Boot Camps (what? So you can WATCH some other guy, the instructor, show off, and pick up chicks)

How about dressing better? Going to different bars? Trying harder to impress women? Throwing more money at women?

All of that stuff is USELESS and, and some of it can DESTROY your self-esteem.

DOOMED to FAILURE, whichever way you cut it.

Yet, when you use Secret Seduction Gel, you will INSTANTLY become more ATTRACTIVE and command more ATTENTION, each and every day…

Improving your interactions with practically every woman you meet.

So, it’s your call…

You want some?

If you do, choose an order option below, and hurry! Because these few hundred bottles won’t last long, considering this page is being read by over 67,000 customers...


1 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
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1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
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2 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
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1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
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Wishing you a much more fulfilling sex-life…
Your Wingman,

Get 2 Free Bonuses When You Order Today:

When you order Secret Seduction Shower Gel today, not only will you take advantage of the Special Discounted Launch Price - and save $30 OFF - you’ll also get a 250ml tube, instead of 150ml (that’s 66.67% more)...

You’ll also get 3 Awesome FREE Bonuses worth $141:


Getting a woman’s phone number is easy...
The hard part is knowing what you do with it without screwing up.

Many guys totally ‘blow it’ by not knowing WHEN to text a woman, or WHAT to say to her. They end up coming across as BORING, creepy or desperate…

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  • ​How to set up the 2nd and 3rd dates in a fun, low pressure way that she feels magnetically compelled to say “YES” to – and 7 things you should do on dates 2 and 3 that show her you’re a REAL MAN… the kind of man who’s going to blow her mind in the bedroom…
  • The very best ‘2nd and 3rd date venues – and how to make her feel maximum COMFORT and ATTRACTION while she’s with you in any of these venues (Hint: the more comfort and attraction she feels the more desperate she’ll be to go to bed with you)…
  • ​How to plan EVERYTHING and guarantee SUCCESS… while making her think you’re the most spontaneous, adventurous, downright entertaining man she’s ever met – a combination that’ll make her uncontrollably WET… even if all you’re doing is sharing a coffee and some stimulating conversation…
  • 8 ways to show her you’re a respectful, well-mannered guy - important because women love a guy with manners… they can’t resist him…
  • ​A totally idiot-proof, step-by-step guide to getting sexual with any woman for the first time (Weird, but true - this section is worth the entire asking price of the ‘From Text to Sex’ program all on its own)…
  • Why ‘messing up the sex’ is a total deal-breaker for her – and EXACTLY how to avoid ‘messing up the sex’ the first time you take her to bed…
  • ​Whether you should take her back to your place OR try to get back to her place the first time you sleep with her – the answer might surprise you, but it’s essential that you know it if you want to take her to bed as soon as possible…
  • ​ 3 ‘can’t-fail’ ways to get her back to your place and have sex with her…
  • ​3 ways to instigate the sex like a MAN – do this and she’ll be literally powerless to say “NO” and completely compelled to follow your lead and get hot, wet and nasty with you in the bedroom… 
  • How to kiss her for the first time… 8 techniques that’ll make her see you as ‘the best kisser ever’ – and 2 things to absolutely AVOID when your lips meet hers for the first time!…
  • ​Exactly how to get from ‘first kiss’ to ‘getting naked’ to ‘putting your dick inside her’ – as smoothly as possible… so she loves the experience just as much as you do!…
  • ​3 mighty important things you simply HAVE TO get right the first time you have sex with her – assuming you want to see her again (Nasty Fact: get these 3 super-powerful things WRONG and she’ll likely never answer your calls and, worse still – she’ll probably tell all her girlfriends about what a ‘lousy lay’ you are)…
  • ​4 universal truths every man should know about giving women mind-blowing sex – yet, sadly, 95% of men don’t know a single one of these ‘truths’… so knowing them all makes you stand out from all the other guys ;)…
  • ​How to be the Dominant, Dirty Talking Badass she secretly craves in the bedroom – “YES” – you can be that guy… even if you currently describe yourself as ‘an inexperienced nerd’ and have a small penis…
  • 5 ways to blow her mind with dirty talk – important because you literally CANNOT give a woman GREAT SEX unless you talk dirty to her (anyone who tells you otherwise, is, to put it nicely – a total moron)…
  • ​Why you must call her the ‘next day’ – the day after you sleep with her for the first time – and exactly what to say on that call if you want to have sex with her again…
  • ​6 horrible mistakes you should avoid making the first time you sleep with a woman – any one of these mistakes is likely to have her deleting your number from her phone immediately (avoid them all at all costs!)…
  • ​ 5 ‘Pre-First-Sex Date Mistakes’ average men make that cause women to run a mile – if you want to have sex with beautiful women, you’ll want to be sure to NOT make any of these blunders…
  • How to handle ‘Last Minute Resistance’ in 2 simple steps (because there’s nothing worse than having a total ‘10’ in your bed, having her say “I don’t think this is a good idea” – and then having no Plan B)…
Combine From Text to Sex, with Secret Seduction Shower Gel, and the Secret Seduction Spray Sampler (Bonus 2) and you better be prepared to enjoy A LOT more Dates, and A LOT more S.E.X!
Usual Price: $67

Your Price: FREE

(when you invest in Secret Seduction Spray today)

Bonus #2: The Secret Seduction Spray Attraction Guide

*NOTE: Your complimentary copy of The Secret Seduction Spray Attraction Guide - worth $47 - is a digital product and will be available for immediate download, as soon as your payment has been accepted. Images are for visualization purposes only.
To help you get MAXIMUM Results from the spray, I’m also including this useful guide when you invest in “SSS” today.
Sure, in simple terms, using the spray is as EASY as: “applying a couple of sprays on each wrist, and on your neck.”

However, the guide will help you “supercharge” your results - and truly take them to the next level.  If Secret Seduction Spray is the Fire, this guide is the Gasoline…

It quite simply BLOWS UP your Results… exploding them into the Stratosphere!

Many customers have told me this guide was worth several hundred dollars on it’s own!

Here’s just a Little Taste of What You’ll Discover in The Secret Seduction Spray Attraction Guide:

  • 5 Rules for using Secret Seduction Spray with Success - including a couple of “No No’s” that can lessen, or even completely destroy its effectiveness (read this section carefully, before using the spray). Pages 4-8
  • How to use your Body Language to ATTRACT Beautiful Women (use these suggestions while wearing Secret Seduction Spray and you’ll be swarmed with positive female attention, making you feel totally unstoppable) Page 10 onwards
  • A common mistake to avoid when interacting with women - because it instantly KILLS attraction, no matter how well everything was going before (avoid at all costs - sadly: 80% of guys make this MISTAKE without even realizing it). Pages 17 and 18
  • ​How to know when a woman is ready to be approached - Master this Skill, and use it when you’re wearing the Spray, and every approach will be a SUCCESS (prepare to get A LOT of Phone Numbers, and go on A LOT of Dates ;) Page 21
  • ​How to Close a Conversation in a way that guarantees you - get her contact details, and she responds in a timely, enthusiastic manner to your follow up texts & calls (this pretty much totally eliminates the possibility of her flaking on you). Page 25
And so much more.

The Secret Seduction Spray Guide is everything you ever wanted to know about how to meet, attract and set up dates with drop-dead gorgeous women.

Combine what you learn in the guide, with the Spray, and you’re Fortunes with Women are going to be transformed! Thank me later.
Usual Price: $47
Your Price: FREE
(when you invest in Secret Seduction Shower Gel today)


1 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
List Price: $97
(You Save: $30)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime


3 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
List Price: $291
(You Save: $124)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime


2 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
List Price: $194
(You Save: $70)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime


How Does "Secret Seduction Shower Gel" Work?
In 2 Key Ways:
  • It doesn’t RUIN your Natural Pheromones, because it doesn't contain harmful Ingredients like 99% of mainstream Shower Gels and Soaps on the market do
  • It enhances your Pheromones, because it is infused with Pheromones (so, every time you wear it, you literally step out of the shower more ATTRACTIVE than when you went in!)

How Do I Know If It’s Right for Me?

You don’t unless you try it, risk-free.
However, if your dating and sex-life is everything you want it to be - and you never feel sexually frustrated, lonely, or depressed - you might not need Secret Seduction Shower Gel.

However, if you’d like any of the following benefits - you’ll absolutely LOVE this shower gel:
  • Women gravitating towards you
  • Women starting conversations with you
  • Women being way more attracted to you
  • ​Women being more ‘touchy feely’ with you
  • Women offering you their number and asking to ‘meet up’
  • ​​Women showing up for dates (instead of flaking on you)
  • Women wanting to kiss you
  • ​Women want to go to the bedroom with you
  • Women being addicted to you
And, if you want ALL those benefits, without having to change who you are - improving your Pheromones is the only way to do it.
And, Secret Seduction Shower Gel will PROTECT your existing Pheromones (because it’s Free-From the masking ingredients most shower gels and soaps contain that wash away your pheromones) and it’ll ENHANCE your Pheromones (because it’s infused with a powerful mix of Natural Pheromones).

Is it Safe?

In fact, it’s much safer than regular soaps and shower gels, because it doesn’t contain the harmful, toxic ingredients (that wash away your natural pheromones) that most of those products do.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

As always.
You can try Secret Seduction Shower Gel with NO RISK, because you’re covered by my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you don’t like the Shower Gel, just drop me an email and I’ll ensure you’re refunded promptly and courteously. No questions asked.

Seriously though - what are the odds that you won’t like Secret Seduction Shower Gel? I mean, it’s going to help you become way more Attractive to hot, beautiful women! What’s not to like?

Is it For Single Guys or Guys Who Already Have a Woman?

If you’re SINGLE - prepare for women to be more attracted to you, more willing to engage with you in conversation, more willing to give you their contact details, go on dates, ‘get physical’ and so on.

If you already have a WOMAN in your life (girlfriend, fiancee or wife) - prepare for her to be way more ‘into you,’ giving your sex-life a welcome BOOST! (Hint: Have a shower together while using Secret Seduction Shower Gel and watch her reaction!) 

Of course, even if you already have a woman in your life, when you use the Pheromone Infused Shower Gel you will get more positive ATTENTION from other women too.

Whatever your relationship status - prepare to feel way more CONFIDENT around women.

I Already Use Secret Seduction Spray, Do I Need The Shower Gel too?

Secret Seduction Spray and Secret Seduction Shower Gel were designed to be synergistic - they compliment each other unconditionally and their effects are multiplied when used together.

The truth is that thousands-upon-thousands of guys have had tremendous success using just the spray.

As I explained earlier in this letter…

Guys buy Secret Seduction Spray, apply it before interacting with women, and enjoy a lot more attraction and sex as a result.

And, that’s great.

The problem though, is the fact that most of these guys are still showering (or bathing) using PHEROMONE-MASKING Soaps and Shower Gels that RUIN their Natural Pheromone Production.

So, think about it this way…
  • Most guys are unintentionally making themselves LESS attractive to women by washing away their natural pheromones in the the shower
  • In effect, these guys are then using Secret Seduction Spray to REPLACE some of the Pheromones they ‘lost’ in the shower
Now, that’s okay.
However, it’s not OPTIMAL.

For the man who wants to be as attractive to women as possible - and enjoy the very best dates, relationships and sex-life possible - surely a much better approach would be to:
  • STOP washing away your Natural Pheromones in the shower (or bath)
  • Use a safe, healthy shower gel to preserve your natural pheromones while you bathe - and give you a powerful douse of additional pheromones (Secret Seduction Shower Gel is the best way to do this)
  • Apply Secret Seduction Spray after showering, or at a totally different time of day (to further enhance your Pheromones and Attraction Level)
Make sense?
If you want absolutely OPTIMAL Results…

Where you enjoy the most Success with women possible

Use The Spray AND The Shower Gel. Period.

Will It Work If I’m Past My Prime?

In fact, while the Shower Gel is suitable and highly beneficial for men of all ages, it’s most beneficial for older guys - aged 35+.


Because once you hit 35 your natural pheromone production starts to DECLINE.


For most men, around the age of 29, Testosterone Levels also start to DECLINE. Remember: Testosterone gives you confidence, sex-drive, erection quality and so on.

So, when you add up this natural decline in Testosterone and Pheromones - it’s no wonder most guys aged 40 plus aren’t experiencing the sex-life they desire (whatever their relationship status).

For these reasons, if you’re older - 40, 50, 60 + etc, it’s pretty much essential that you do something to preserve and enhance your Pheromones (meaning: use Secret Seduction Shower Gel, as opposed to conventional, toxic soaps and shower gels that wash your Pheromones away).

And, also, be sure to do something to BOOST your Testosterone Production - sure as cutting back on Alcohol, Soy and Refined Sugar.

That combination:

Increased Pheromones + Increased Testosterone WILL make you feel like you’ve ‘rolled the clock back’ - giving you confidence, magnetism, desire and performance like guys on the Football Team used to have in their College Years.

How Do I Use it?

  • Wet your body.
  • Lather your whole body with Secret Seduction Shower Gel (which will only take a minute or less). Then leave it on your skin for at least 5 minutes to let the pheromones seep deep into your pores.
  • Rinse and dry off.
Then go interact with women and watch how much more responsive they are to you!

How Long Will a Tube of The Shower Gel Last?

Secret Seduction Gel is highly concentrated so only a small amount is required for exceptional results. When used daily the bottle should last approximately 30 days.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

The entire day...

If you take an early evening shower, before a date, the effects will make you more ATTRACTIVE all night.

If you take a morning shower, women should still be picking up on your pheromones deep into the afternoon.

Just remember: for maximum effects, apply Secret Seduction Spray immediately after showering and drying off. Or, later in the day.

Personally, I like to shower in the morning, washing with the Shower Gel.
Then, if I’m in a situation where I’m likely to interact with women, I’ll apply Secret Seduction Spray in the middle of the afternoon - around 3 or 4pm. Very simple.

Note: you get a free trial bonus bottle of Secret Seduction Spray, with your Secret Seduction Shower Gel, when you order today.


1 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
List Price: $97
(You Save: $30)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime


3 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
List Price: $291
(You Save: $124)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime


2 x Secret Seduction Shower Gel
List Price: $194
(You Save: $70)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime
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